Hospitality Departments Training


Reception is always the first contact whenever a guest arrives and the staff of the reception also has to deal with angry and sometimes uptight guests. Most of the in-house services like room service/housekeeping/laundry etc are all contacted by the reception and any delay or misinterpretation by them can cost you the owner/GM not just lot of money but also many unnecessary comments on social sites and many times because of lack of professionalism, not only guests suffer but your staff end up having conflicts within the departments. We not only train your staff to communicate well internally and with the guests but also train them that if an error or blunder does happen how your Front Office staff can manage the complaint right there and then and not let the guest walk out with any kind of doubt in his heart of your hospitality standards. Besides this we go in the mutest of details and train your staff on how to maintain smooth operations by consistently delivering excellent customer service with an informed, friendly and effective approach and achieve maximum revenue. Contact us now to get more information.


The hotel industry is fraught with competition; Housekeeping can be a way to set a hotel apart from its competitors. In addition, housekeeping establishes a hotel's reputation for cleanliness and quality. It is vital to have a strong housekeeping department in the hotel industry, for the guests' health, safety and comfort. Housekeepers in the hotel industry are responsible for keeping the facility clean, safe and comfortable for guests. We train the staff to be an expert in cleaning rooms, changing bedding, cleaning all bathrooms, replacing toiletries, cleaning common areas, doing laundry and ensuring a clean overall appearance. In hotels major part of revenue comes from rooms, rooms which is not sold on any night losses revenue forever and reason for poor occupancy can be anything like hygiene factor, cleanliness, lack of modernizing etc. We not only train on the soft skills required like teamwork, internal communication within the departments but also give them training which they can use every day to ensure excellent services and can get excellent feedback from guests. Contact us now to get more information.


Imaginative menu’s, beautifully prepared and presented food served by knowledgeable and confident staff. So many different ingredients go into the creation of an unrivalled F&B service. We train the staff on how to give attention to detail, leadership skills, management skills, problem-solving skills and more. Being able to come up with a solution quickly is a needed skill also. At “winners hospitality training” we understand the importance of excellent service. So we specialize in training staff from waiters to the managers. Receiving and greeting the guests, having good knowledge of the menu or how to up sell the food items and have good communication skills to make your guests feel that they are dining at the best restaurant. We train your staff to be courteous and professional and how to be tactful and take the initiative besides other general basic skills on how to serve, when to present the bill and more. We make sure that your company is represented correctly and that your company's standards are upheld. Contact us now to get more information.